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Geoff Clark Announced as Canada Clean50 Honouree

Acceleware's CEO Geoff Clark has been announced as a 2022 Clean50 Honouree, a national award that recognizes Canada's leaders in sustainability. Acceleware recognized for research and development of RF XL Acceleware's CEO Geoff Clark has been announced as a 2022 Clean50 Honouree, a national award that recognizes Canada's leaders in sustainability. The Clean50 Individual awards – “the Clean50” - are selected from 16 diverse categories that transcend numerous industries, academia, different levels of government, thought leaders and advocates, and are based on accomplishments delivered over the prior two years. Geoff Clark was chosen after rigourous screening and research by Delta Management, with advice from internal researchers and external advisors, and was among Honourees selected from an initial pool of over 1,000 well qualified nominees. Gavin Pitchford, CEO, Delta Management Group It is an honour to be selected as one of Canada’s Clean50 and to join this powerful group of leaders advocating for clean-tech research and development. We believe our RF XL clean technology provides an opportunity to deploy a major and transformative innovation that could revitalize the industry and bridge the gap to a clean energy future. Geoff Clark, CEO, Acceleware Traditional oil recovery uses steam to warm up viscous oil so that it can be pumped to the surface. This method is both energy and water-intensive, and then requires multiple facilities to separate the oil from water, and to recycle only some of that water. Making Canadian oil sands product some of the most carbon-intensive in the world to extract. Enter Acceleware. The company has patented their low cost, low emissions RF (radio frequency) XL technology which instead effectively microwaves the already present underground water into steam, which then allows the oil to flow, thereby eliminating the need for both fresh water and recycling facilities. Additionally, because its Inverter converts electricity into electromagnetic energy at over 98% efficiency, the RF XL can cut costs by 40% - and the device can be powered by renewable energy instead of natural gas! Since oil, for a myriad of uses, will remain a part of the foreseeable future, this emerging technology, and its ability to be easily adopted by existing wells, will be extremely vital in cleaning up Canada’s oil production. Geoff will be among past and incoming Clean50 Honourees meeting on Friday, October 1st at the "Clean50 Summit 11.0" in Toronto, Ontario. Together this group of forward looking achievers will spend a full day working in cross sectoral teams to discuss ways in which collectively, we can help Canadians better understand the urgent need for action presented by carbon induced climate change, while advancing Canada’s prosperity in a sustainable fashion. For the complete list of Canada's Clean50 honourees for 2022, please visit


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